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Could bespoke be smart?

Grafiche Damiani presents HP 12000, the most innovative, greenest and smartest digital printing system (sheet size 75x53 cm) with offset quality.
From small print runs up to 1000 copies with ISO-12647, GRACoL and Fogra colour standards at digital costs.

On every kind of support:
card, metallic paper, cloth and plastic.
With the unbeatable Italian know-how of Grafiche Damiani.

Yes, with Grafiche Damiani, bespoke can be smart.

HP 12000





Could bespoke be easy?

The HP 12000 by Grafiche Damiani opens up a whole new world of benefits:
  • Just in Time printing, eliminating storage problems,
  • reordered items are delivered with the same quality and colour rendering as the first edition,
  • unbeatable delivery times, anywhere in the world,
  • finishings, bindings, arrangement of shipments and logistics all carried out in-house,
  • customisation and total personalisation of printed products, even for very few copies (Special Editions, for example).
Yes, with Grafiche Damiani, bespoke can be easy.

Could bespoke be sustainable?

Grafiche Damiani, with its reputation as the luxury brand of FAENZA GROUP, a solid family-owned company since 1961, is committed to promoting wellbeing for all and respect for the environment.

Unlike many companies which offer only low prices, Faenza Group is green.

Yes, with Grafiche Damiani, the luxury brand of FAENZA GROUP, bespoke can be sustainable.
ISO 9001:2008 certifies that the quality of the products and services is always at the highest level.
The FAENZA GROUP factory was built in line with the most stringent standards for emissions and its entire industrial process has been optimised to ensure energy consumption is kept to a minimum. So it can produce environmentally-friendly products.
FAENZA GROUP was one of the first companies to be awarded FSC® certification for the protection of the world’s forests, thanks to its controlled resources of raw materials such as paper and cardboard.
PEFC® certification guarantees that paper is sourced from sustainably managed forests. FAENZA GROUP therefore respects the health of workers and the rights of forest owners, safeguarding forest conservation and encouraging reforestation.
LifeGate Zero Impact® certification endorses the production cycle of our companies which does not produce excess carbon dioxide. The organisation calculates, reduces and offsets all activities which produce carbon dioxide, so energy mixes are negative or zero.

Could bespoke be yours?

Grafiche Damiani is a global benchmark in superior quality printing.

Grafiche Damiani’s ability to turn ideas into reality is unparalleled in the sector, thanks to the outstanding quality of its personalised prints, art books, facsimiles and catalogues.

Grafiche Damiani has more than 50 years’ experience in top quality offset printing.
Since 2016 it has offered top quality digital printing for books, magazines, catalogues, even with print runs under 1,000 copies, at the competitive price of digital printing but with the same outstanding service it has provided over the past 50 years.

Yes, with Grafiche Damiani, bespoke can be yours.

Grafiche Damiani.
Bespoke printing at its best.

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