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Great French photographers choose Faenza Industrie Grafiche


One of the key words of Faenza Group’s development plan is “internationalisation“, expanding into markets where Italian quality is widely appreciated and Italian printing can showcase its best features. France is historically open to quality Italian lithographic works and some great French photographers have recently collaborated with Faenza Industrie Grafiche, the Group’s Faenza headquarters, to produce a series of books of high technical and quality standards. The three books in question are by two different photographers and reflect the qualities these clients found in our production process: quality printing, unique finishes and impeccable serviceThe books were printed using Staccato technology with a hardback cover with half canvas binding. This finish, in reinforced canvas, gives the books an exquisite feel, immediately conveying the care and attention that has gone into the production of the book.

Thierry Ledoux

Le Songe de Poliphile

Le Songe de Poliphile

The inspiration for Thierry Ledoux’s latest photographic project is “The Dream of Poliphilus”, an allegorical Italian romance (the author is unknown) about dreamt love and the pursuit of the woman we love. The photographer explores the shapes of bark on trees around the world and reproduces them in black and white. Thanks to the high quality printing, these images arouse different emotions in the reader, evoking a whole host of diverse shapes and objects. The introduction by Jean-Marie Drot pushes dreams and reveries towards new, dreamlike horizons.

Jean-Christophe Béchet

Jean-Christophe Béchet has gathered the photographs he has taken over the last 25 years in albums, small blocks of paper bound without a cover, which have filled his shelves and now number an impressive 150 different anthologies. The pictures are grouped together according to their theme, chronology, association, position and history. 

72,03% – #6


On 17 June 2012, during the second round of parliamentary elections, the National Front obtained 72.03% of the votes at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. The sheer number of votes for the FN surprises me for such a sleepy village of 2400 inhabitants in the Camargue, well-known for its beaches and the Gitan Pilgrimage when Roma gypsies gather to worship Saint Sarah. The capital of the Camargue is also a popular tourist spot and a mecca for gypsies all over the world who gather there every year on 24 and 25 May. For decades, photographers have immortalised this gypsy festival where dancing, music and religion offer a unique spectacle. How can a town which is famous for welcoming gypsies, a town with no obvious social problems or economic difficulties, vote 72.03% in favour for a party like the National Front?” Jean-Christophe Béchet.

Gunung Carnet – #7


In Indonesia life revolves around the volcanoes. Millions of people live on the slopes of these effervescent mountains, with more than one hundred and twenty craters considered active. In the Indonesian language, “Gunung” is a generic word to describe mountains like volcanoes and its sound is reminiscent of the surname of a god which everyone bows down to. This name is used inside temples and parks because its sound is particularly menacing. I have always been curious to experience life in the Indonesian archipelagoes of Java, Bali and Lombok firsthand, and to learn how man survives on the slopes of these volcanoes and the result is this book”.

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