Reality Plus

Augmented reality technology is one of the solutions offered by Faenza Group which gives it the edge over its competitors, establishing it as a forerunner in Italy as regards  immersion in technology . Working in partnership with the leading international software houses, we are able to create exclusive products which combine creativity with the most advanced digital viewing and interaction modes.

Augmented reality technology really began to take off with the introduction of smartphones and tablets but the applications available are just the tip of the iceberg. Investing in the future is a strategy many Italian companies must adopt if they do not want to get left behind and want to communicate with their public, making the most of the multi-channel communication systems available to them.

Business Solutions

Reality Plus

Integrate your products

Augmented reality allows a company to engage its clients in an immersive experience with customised content that can be viewed on smartphones or tablets. Faenza Group offers a wide range of AR solutions, taking full advantage of the potential offered by the latest technologies. They include:

  • Possibility of viewing videos and animations activated by a personalised marker
  • Direct links to the web, personalised pages
  • Advertising campaigns with special content
  • Possibility of monitoring user movements Enhance your product packaging with incredible interactive objects

Packaging Solutions

Reality Pack

Enhance your product packaging with incredible interactive objects

Packaging is a Faenza Group speciality and today it can include a series of personalised contents to engage the client even after purchase.

A box provides the key to a world of videos, articles, content, web links and much more, enabling the company to  speak to its customer, even after purchase.


aurasmaDownload the Aurasma app. Register with the FAENZA GROUP channel free of charge by clicking on the logo at the bottom, the magnifying glass in the menu, look for  faenza group  and press the button FOLLOW. Then scan the box at the side with your device.


Download the Layar app. Scan the box at the side with your device.

Personal Solutions

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