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Ancient and modern English art printed by Faenza Group


Faenza Group has taken the know-how and experience it has developed on the Italian market and invested it in key markets such as Francethe United States and Switzerland in its continuing process of internationalisation. Great Britain was recently added to this list, purchasing lithographic works “Made in Faenza“. Two highly prestigious works were produced for a major English publisher; they are two very different anthologies, one featuring ancient art and the other modern art from the Sixties onwards. 

The first one, in chronological order, is “Mapping the New World“, an exquisitely graphic collection of ancient Renaissance maps (mainly by Italian cartographers) which are preserved in the American Museum in Britain, an important British institution just a couple of miles from Bristol. The museum houses one of the most important (if not the most important) collections in the world of ancient maps printed prior to 1600, which represent both Europe as it was known at the time and the first attempts to map the “new” American territories. The collection was donated by Dr Dallas Pratt, one of the museum’s founders, in 1988 and has since become the pride and joy of this prestigious British institution.  This paperback, whose cover is also printed on the inside, was written by Anne Armitage and Laura Beresford, both map scholars and former curators of exhibitions around the world. 

Mapping the New World 1 Mapping the New World 2

The second volume is dedicated to David Hockney, one of the most important contemporary artists on the international scene. The career of this English artist spans fifty years, covering all genres of graphic arts like paintings, etchings, illustrations and photographs, and in the Sixties he was one of the leading artists to promote the Pop Art movement. The book, entitled “Hockney – Printmaker“, features 150 works by the famous British artist and is written by Richard Lloyd, head of painting and graphic arts at Christie’s, the famous auctioneers.

David Hockney David Hockney 2

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