Online marketing

Over the years Faenza Group has widened its experience in the field of traditional communications and created a division within the company which deals exclusively with studying, planning and producing online marketing strategies. Thanks to the involvement of a number of professional figures highly specialised in digital communication, Faenza Group clients can enjoy an all inclusive package including:

  • Responsive website design, works across all viewing devices and can be updated directly by the client
  •  SEO (Search Engine Optimization), using the most recent indexing standards for web search engines
  •  Study and creation of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns, allowing clients to get the most from their online investment
  • Design, start-up and management of business pages and profiles on social media sites

Building a web presence using the most advanced SEO positioning strategies gets a corporate website seen by people who are more interested in the products and solutions offered by that particular company. When a website is visited as a result of a search, the conversion rate is a lot higher than visits using other systems. Creating your website is important, but making sure your target market can easily find it is even more important.

Choosing Faenza Group to create and run your SEM campaign means choosing companies with over ten years  experience who have chosen to develop their services with us. A paid search engine promotional campaign ensures visitors to your site have been selected according to a very precise target and are definitely interested in the specific products and services on offer.

Developing a digital identity on social media sites is an inescapable aspect of any business which likes to keep up with the latest trends. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, but also Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin and social media in general are all things we can make work for us, as is managing conversations with clients of the companies which choose to become our partners.

Developing paid campaigns on social media geared at engaging potential fans needs careful planning and organisation and choosing our group means you will save time and money, increasing your profit margins.

Engaging your public is key to any business nowadays and doing it correctly, by reaching the right target users, is a great boost you cannot afford to miss.