Training courses

Faenza Academy runs courses and workshops to provide businesses with training in a variety of different professional disciplines. Our lecturers have decades of experience and undergo continuing training themselves, so the group can pay attention to detail, leaving nothing to chance.

Over the years, our training courses have become more and more diversified and have embraced new aspects of corporate communication, keeping abreast with the ever-changing world focused on change and the future.

Our courses are organised primarily for the following sectors:

  • Industrial and advanced ceramics
  • Products, innovative processes and technologies
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicine
  • Graphics and communications through new and traditional media

Our courses are held by first-class professional figures and all Faenza Academy events are a real “must” to guarantee your business a more productive future. Thanks to our highly professional staff, made up of in-house and external freelance lecturers, our group is ranked one of the top professional and business teaching establishments in Italy.