Would you like to win 20 Smartboxes as well as an iPad Pro?

Request a quote and take part in the Enjoy Yourself prize Draw! You have until 5th july to win one of these fantastic prizes! The final prize draw will take place no later than 12th July. So, what are you waiting for? Immediately after requesting a quote, you will receive a lucky card and straight away you could win one of the 20 exclusive “Momenti di Piacere” Smartboxes with over 6550 experiences for 1/2 people including stays at holiday farmsand Be and Breakfast guest houses as well as relaxing moments to be spent between wellness centre, sport, art and culture. You will also be able to take part in the final prize draw to win an 11″ 256 gb wifi + 4g Ipad Pro!

Request a quote by filling in the form below and we will send you both a quote and the scratch&win card as soon as possible. Thank you!


FAENZA PRINTING INDUSTRIES SPA based in via Vittime Civili di Guerra n. 35 – 48018 FAENZA (Ravenna, Italy) hereby announces a prize draw entitled “Enjoy Yourself!” that will take place as described below.

Art. 1) AUTHORISED PARTY – The promoter hereby authorises MAX MARKETING Srl with its operational headquarters at Via Cassala n. 16/18 in Brescia (Italy) and its registered office at via F. Pontara n. 26 in Concesio (Brescia), to carry out the administrative formalities relating to this prize draw.

Art. 2) DURATION: From 29th April to 5th July 2019.

Art. 3) TERRITORY: Italian territory and the Republic of San Marino.

Art. 4) PROMOTION RECIPIENTS: Professional purchasers.

Art. 5) PRIZES TO BE WON: Instant prizes: 20 MOMENTI DI PIACERE Smartboxes – unit value: 46.71 Euros (VAT exempt) – Prize draw wins: 1 11″ Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256GB Apple iPad Pro – worth 1,239.00 Euros (VAT included) – Total jackpot value: 2,173.20 Euros.

Art. 5) PRIZE DRAW PROCEDURE: To take part in the prize draw, it is necessary to request a quote for the supply of goods from the promoting company. A Scratch&Win card will be either delivered or sent together with the quote. By scratching off the removable paint on the card, the purchaser can check whether he/she has won one of the instant prizes. In the event of a win, the prize can either be claimed from the local sales representative or by sending an e-mail to the following address: marketing@faenzagroup.com, attaching a copy of the winning Scratch&Win card. A prize draw will be carried out from among all the participating entries to win an Apple iPad Pro as well as all the other potentially unclaimed instant prizes. In addition to the winners, also 5 reserve winners will also be drawn to whom, in ranking order, the prize will be awarded in the event of either the unavailability of the winner or failure to reply to the prize draw winning notification within the time limit specified in these regulations. The prize draw will be carried out no later than 12th July 2019 at the headquarters of the authorised party, Max Marketing Srl, in the presence of a notary public or the officer in charge of consumer protection and public trust at the Chamber of Commerce in Brescia.

Art. 6) NOTIFICATION TO PRIZE DRAW WINNERS: The prize draw winners will be notified by registered letter with return receipt. The winners must reply no later than 7 days from the date of receipt of the winner notification letter by returning the appropriate “prize claim” form, duly filled out, together with a copy of their personal ID document. In the event that the promoter does not receive a reply within the aforementioned time limit, the winner will lose the right to claim the prize and the reserve winner will be notified, who must claim the prize by complying with the same regulations as specified above.

Art. 7) NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION BENEFICIARY: In the event that it is not possible to assign one or more prizes due to the lack of reserve winners, the prizes will be donated to the Museo Nazionale della Fotografia (National Photography Museum) based at Via San Faustino, 11/d – 25122 Brescia (Italy) (Tax Code: 98000980171). Any prizes that are expressly refused remain at the promoter’s disposal.

Art. 8) PRIZE DELIVERY TERMS AND METHODS: The prizes will be either sent (the postal costs of which will be entirely born by the promoting company) or delivered to the winners by the local sales representative, no later than 90 days from the date of assignment or claim, following the signing of a release-receipt form.

Art. 9) WITHHOLDING TAX RIGHTS: The promoter hereby declares to waive its rights to recover withholding tax at source in favour of the winners pursuant to Art. 30 of the Italian Presidential Decree N° 600/73.

Art. 10) PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING: In accordance with Art. 13 of EU Regulation N° 679/2016 (“GDPR”) the promoting company is hereby specified as the Data Controller and Max Marketing Srl as the external data processor, the responsibilities of which are limited to the management of the administrative formalities relating to the prize draw.

Art. 11) AVAILABILITY OF THE PRIZE DRAW REGULATIONS: A full copy of these regulations will be made available to the prize draw participants on the www.faenzagroup.com website.

Art. 12) ACCEPTANCE OF THE REGULATIONS: Participation in this prize draw hereby implies the full and unconditional acceptance of all the clauses of these regulations.